• Policy design, life quotes, and related forms.
  • Advance Underwriting Concepts.
  • Joint calls on large or complex cases.
  • Personal and Business Life Insurance.
  • "Back Office" support: illustrations, application processing, ordering insurance exams, underwriting follow-up, and customer service.
  • Agent and agency training.
  • Specialty marketing concepts.
  • ​B.O.L.I. geared to increased profitablility and key-person retention.

Choosing What To Offer

Whether you're a seasoned veteran agent, or just got your new life license, it's nice to have someone you can call. Discuss options and different ways to determine what type of policy and how much it costs. It leaves you free to do what you want to do best - SELL!

Taking Care of Your Business

Fast and friendly claims and customer support so you can keep your clients happy long after they buy their policy. We also keep fully secure digital copies of all documents used to write your policies.

TXM Life Insurance Solutions

At TXM Life Insurance Solutions, we are dedicated to you and your agency's needs. We've been around for since 1985 working with agencies and banks in 7 central States. 

Agents tell us our TXM LifeQuote and Application Service is the easiest way they've found to write quality low-cost Term, Universal Life, and Equity Indexed Life Insurance.

You Will Enjoy working with txm... 

Knowledge & resources

  • We are an Agent's Only resource. We don't compete with you.
  • Veteran agents can talk to us with complete confidentiality as they plan, develop policy strategies, and reach their target clients.
  • New life agents and part-time life agents can quote and write life insurance with confidence, knowing the policy, premium, and forms are correct.
  • If the size or complexity of your case warrants, we can arrange joint sales calls with you. Or teleconference with you if it's more convenient.
  • Tailored training to fit your agency's or financial institution's needs.
  • Life insurance tools, tips, and ideas at your fingertips.
  • Our staff is paid by salary, not by commissions. Suggestions are based on what seems best for you and your customer, not on what pays us most.
  • By keeping secure, redundantly backed-up digital copies of all documents used to quote, write, and place your cases, you get free off-site storage.
  • Generous commissions paid to licensed agents.

TXM Life Insurance at a Glance

Some of the services We provide:

This website is for licensed insurance agents and their support staff - Not for dissemination to the public.

The easiest way to sell life insurance!